Ground cable recycling

Blokker Metaalrecycling specializes in the processing of ground cable. We have all the necessary facilities, certification and permits to process this cable. Thousands of tons of ground cable from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are recycled by us.

Electric motors recycling

When engines arrive at us, it is determined how these engines will be processed. Smaller engines are shredded or exported, while large engines are dismantled at our yard. There is no limit to the dimensions and tonnages of engines. If necessary, these will be processed on location. After processing, the raw materials such as copper, iron and aluminum are ready for use again.

PVC cable recycling

Blokker Metaalrecycling is known as a (ground) cable processor. In addition to ground cable, there are numerous other forms of cable, including PVC cable, YMVK cable, data cable, aluminum cable, ship cable, welding cable, power cable and so on. Everywhere around us where there is electricity, there are also cables. From 2.5 mm2 installation wire for the supply of our sockets, to thick 400 mm2 power cables for heavy electric motors, for example.

Transformers recycling

Blokker Metaalrecycling has many years of experience in the recycling of transformers and has all the facilities to recycle these in a responsible and environmentally friendly way in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. The materials that come from the transformer such as iron, copper, aluminum, silicon plate and so on are prepared to find their way back as reusable raw materials.

Stators rotors recycling

Stators and rotors are parts that occur in electric motors and generators. At Blokker Metaalrecycling both large and small stators / rotors are purchased.

Sea rope recycling

Offshore wind farms, a cable connection between the Netherlands and Great Britain, offshore cable is often available in long lengths and large tonnages. At Blokker Metaalrecycling we have years of experience with the processing of offshore sea cable.